You should start building your resume as soon as you enter college and update every semester (before you forget!). It is a good idea for you to create “original” resume which includes everything you have done since your first year in college. Then, you will copy and paste the relevant experiences to create a new resume for whatever you are applying for.  Resume workshops are available on campus - UNM Career Services and Graduate Resource Center.

Resume/CV Tips

  • Spell Check
  • Write in inverse chronological order (most recent → older)
  • Do not use different font types & sizes
  • Do not use abbreviations, except when they are the recognized ones
  • Printed on a good quality white/ivory paper (No photocopies of your resume)
  • Avoid using too many colors & very expanded paragraphs
  • Be honest in the content
  • Use different synonyms to avoid repetitions
  • White space is important
  • Must be easy to read, short & attractive

Things your want to include

  • Education – expected graduation date, Major, Minot, GPA
  • Research Experience – research projects you have been involved in, presentations, publications
  • Leadership Experience – president, founder, treasurer, tutor mentor, etc. in organizations on- & off-campus
  • Community Services – homeless services, environmental protection/conservation, advocacy activities, work with religious organizations
  • Awards & Recognitions – awards, honor, scholarships, assistantship
  • Memberships & Affiliations – honor society, Greek society, memberships in national & location professional/academic organizations
  • Other skills – technical skills, language proficiency